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RAS Multi Split 2, 3, 4 & 5 Way

r1Wide range of indoor units available:
High-Wall, ducted 600 x 600mm cassette, Bi-flow console
DC Hybrid inverter with twin rotary compressors
Compressor ON/OFF cycles
Advanced and extensive air purification
Quiet operation for enhanced user comfort
Ag Plasma Air Purifier Opširnije...

Digital Inverter Twin, Triple & Quad Split

t1Digital Inverter Twin-Split
The Digital Inverter Twin-Split system connects two indoor units of the same type and capacity to one outdoor unit in order to ensure more air distribution in a larger area/room.
Allows connection of two indoor units (same type and capacity) to one outdoor unit Opširnije...

Super Digital Inverter Twin & Triple Split

ss13 Phase SDI Outdoor
High efficiency COP of up to 4.63, Wide operating range, (cooling mode -15°C to +43°C), Flexible, can be utilised for single, twin or triple indoor applications, Utilises the latest digital hybrid inverter technology, Auto diagnostic function, Quiet operation as low as 33dB (A)
High efficiency COP of up to 4.63 Opširnije...

Floor Mounted

f1RAS Inverter Bi Flow Console
The RAS Bi-Flow unit is a stylish yet extremly powerfull air conditioning system with excellent energy efficiency values. The unit is aesthetically pleasing and offers the benefit of having dual air discharge.
Bi-flow (two outlets for flow intensity and air direction) Opširnije...

Ceiling Suspended

s1Digital Inverter Ceiling Suspended
The Digital Inverter series of ceiling suspended units can be discreetly positioned under the ceilings. They are ideal for offices, classroom and Opširnije...

Ducted Type

Digital Inverter - High Static Ducted Unit
This range of units has been designed to provide a high Capacity output from a very small foot print.
Maximum external static pressure 196Pa Opširnije...

Cassette Type

Digital Inverter Compact 4 Way Cassette
This Digital Inverter 4 way cassette has been designed to suit all standard 600 x 600mm grid ceilings, for easy installation and maintenance.
Compact 600 x 600mm cassette
High efficiency twin rotary inverter compressor
Replacement technology (R22 & R407c) Opširnije...

Zidne klime

RAS Multi-Split Inverter High-Wall
Modern flat-panel design, Easy installation and maintenance, Easy-to-use remote control with extra-large display, Five selectable fan speeds...
Modern flat-panel design
Easy installation and maintenance Opširnije...
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