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TS-550 evo

Fuel Management Evolved

Bringing a new level of usability & functionality to fuel management. A highly evolved user interface and blisteringly-fast new processor based on the proven TS-550 platform makes everything from daily functions to advanced setup and programming simple for every user.


Masivni mjerači protoka

Mass measurement flexibility for challenging applications The Actaris Coriolis Mass Flowmeter employs applicationfocused technology for precision mass- and density-based control over the most difficult batching and transfer flows. A large installed base represents a wide range of applications. Unmatched 100:1 turndown, across the line, Unequaled low pressure drop, Patented, dual omega-shaped, flow tube design has, xceptional Coriolis sensitivity: No need to sacrifice accuracy to maintain line pressure, This mass flowmeter provides, excellent Coriolis sensitivity at low flow, making it ideal for viscous, fluids. The Coriolis mass measurement principle gives the flowmeter high accuracy regardless of changing temperature.


Gas Meters + Modules: Smart Residential Metering

atreva-miItron has taken gas metering to the next level with its latest gas technology. Two-way communications, remote programmability, and service connect and disconnect are key capabilities of Itron's smart metering for gas providers. Improve customer satisfaction and lower overall operating costs with Itron's next-generation technology.

Atreva is Itron's next generation ultrasonic gas meter for domestic applications combining the benefits of highly accurate ultrasonic measurement with reliability familiar with diaphragm meters.


Gas Meters + Modules: Smart Commercial + Industrial Metering

RF1 e Wireless miBacked by field-proven metering technology, Itron's innovative smart meters for commercial and industrial applications include additional functionalities for advanced metering applications. Built-in two-way communications provide enhanced visibility into distribution and usage data, and enable a host of remote operation and automation capabilities.
CO2 and climate change impacts today's and future businesses all across the world. To help the utilities to face the challenges and the ever growing demand for energy and water, we developed the "eco" Series helping to save the planet and improve energy efficiency and having each different series serving different needs.

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