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1-1/2" LP-Gas Flowmeter
Designed for bobtail tank trucks and high-flow dispensing applications, the LPM-150 offers the widest flow range available in a 1-1/2" positive displacement meter.
Ductile-iron housing
Vapor Eliminator
Differential Valve
Rate of Flow:
12 to 60 gallons per minute
45 to 227 liters per minute



LPM-102Designed for retail sales dispensing units, the LPM-102 offers the widest flow range available in a meter of this type.
Vapor Eliminator
Differential Valve
Optional Trac-bearing or Low-Flow Chamber
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Rate of Flow:
3.0 to 18.0 gpm
12 to 68 gpm
Working Pressure:
350 psi (24 bar) max. (24.6 Kg/cm2)



Designed for applications which require accurate recordings for fuel consumption and inventory control. Can be used for either high pressure LP-gas liquid (350 psi) or lower pressure refined fuel.
Rate of Flow:
Low Range:1.66 - 5.0 gpm
High Range: 3.0 - 18.0 gpm
Working Pressure:
350 psi (24 bar) max(24.6 kg/cm2
3/4" or 1" NPT companion flange
Operating Temperature:
-10°F to 125°F
-23°C to 52°C
Features the innovative Liqua-Tech measuring chamber, with hard-coated piston, special dense metal oxide finish and hardened steel bearing shaft.


LPM-200 LP Gas flowmeter

LPM-200-LP-Gas-flowmeterInternationally recognized for our superior flowmeter replacement parts, Liqua-Tech now offers the Model LPM-200 LP Gas liquid flowmeter. Designed for tank trucks and bulk plants, the LPM-200 offers the widest flow range (20-100 gpm) available in a meter of this type. In addition, the LPM-200 utilizes all ductile iron housing castings for unequaled reliability, durability and many years of low maintenance truck use.
The LPM-200 is completely compatible with the Neptune Type 4D 2" flowmeter; both its external dimensions and its internal parts.

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