CMM250 Series and CFF250 Series

Ideal for use as a gauge isolation valve or applications requiring accurate throttling of pressure.
• Compact design provides easy installation.
• Fine stem threading and long taper allow precise metering and leak-free shut-off.
• Internal stop prevents the stem from being accidentally unscrewed from the body.
• Rugged forged brass bodies withstand higher pressures.
• Unbreakable brass handwheel.
• Valves come equipped for panel mounting.
• Working temperature range is -40°F to +165°F.
• Maximum operating pressure: 2000 psig air.
• Cleaned for oxygen service per CGA G-4.1.
• Female ports available - consult factory.

Body ASTM B283 Brass
Stem Brass
Knob Brass
Bonnet Nut  Brass

Panel Mount Nut (Optional)  Brass
Set Screw  Steel
Stem Packing  PTFE with Brass Gland